Mount Rinjani Trekking company in lombok organizing green trips with zero waste with “Leave No Trace” and “Pack in Pack out “ which are very good to reduce pollution in the mountains. If everyone does little steps today, then tomorrow we can see a big change in pollution. Together we can make a huge difference. We can do something together for the next generation to bring a more happy and healthy life. It’s time to act now, not thinking like we will do it tomorrow. If you think change is possible, then start with plan your trip with us and Let’s make positive impact by collect every garbage we see along the journey with hope that others can follow our step!

Best time for trekking Mount Rinjani

The best season of the climbing are April – December. Mt Rinjani National Park closed from January – March due to the heavy rain.

Level of difficulty

you must be fit to trek this volcano. But of course, it still depends on the number of days you will trek in Mount Rinjani.

The temperature

The temperature in the day is around 15 -25 degre Celsius at and below the rims. At night, the temperature at the Rim is usually below 10 degree Celsius.

Where can I leave my extra luggage

You can leave them in our office or in our base in Senaru.

How long is the trek and how many hours do we trek each days

The typical route which covers the crater rims, summit and lake takes 3D2N to cover. The trekking durations are: Day 01 ~ 8 hrs; Day 02 ~ 11 hrs; Day 03 ~ 10 hrs. (Timings are estimated and depends on the individual trekker’s physical stamina and conditions).

What clothes should l wear for the trek

A quick dry synthetic material shirt (can be either short or long sleeve) as the base layer, a good quality fleece jacket/woollen pull-over as the middle later and a thick wind proof jacket as the outer layer. A waterproof and windproof trekking pants is desirable and a pair of woollen gloves, beanie and scarf for additional cold protection.

Rinjani trek package options

mount rinjani

Mount Rinjani Tour Packages

There are a number of different type of treks up Mt Rinjani- 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights. You can also choose to start in either Sembalun or Senaru. The most popular trek is the 3 day/2night trek from Sembalun,

2 days 1 night you will climb up to the crater for the sunset, stay there for the night, and enjoy the sunrise when you wake up. You also have the option to continue climbing up the summit for sunrise before going down but you have to be really fit and it will require much effort.

3 days 2 nights this is the most popular trekking option. You will climb up to the crater, watch the sunset and continue climbing up to the summit for the sunrise. After this, you will climb down to the lake for lunch and enjoy the hot springs for a few minutes. Then, you will climb up again to the other side of the crater for sunset. The next morning, you have 4-5 hours to climb back down to Senaru.

4 days 3 nights this is like the 3 days 2 nights option. The only difference is that you will camp by the lake on the second night instead of just having your lunch. This will make you eliminate 10-12 hours of trekking on the second day and allows you to be energized when you continue trekking. You will also have more time to enjoy the lake and hot springs by fishing and taking a relaxing dip there.

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